Thoughts and perspectives on the changing shapes of urban ecologies and cooperative efforts for balancing the tone of the city

Cities are organisms in which we live — the crossing streets like hairs on our skin, water flowing underneath as veins of a living, always-functioning being. A sharp metaphor, cities have largely been developed over time to fit the changing needs of us. Humans have been the focal point of the planning, improvement, and subsequent technological layers on top of all aspects of cities. …

Thoughts and perspectives on waterwise technologies for a water-prosperous future

Tad Kuang Si, Laos (image: Guillame Broust)

Water is constantly in an eternal cycle. It’s movement and what it sustains is celebrated in countries across the world. When you think about it, we are in water’s hands and it’s influence, as it shapes not only our lives but all ecologies on Earth. How often do you think about where your water comes from, how it’s treated before it gets to your home, and where it goes once you’re done with it? Nearly half the global population is already living in water-scarce areas for at least one month…


In 1915, the South 9th Street Businessmen’s Association was formed in Philadelphia to promote the commercial development of 9th Street between Catherine and Federal Streets and its neighboring merchants on 8th and 10th Streets. During this time, the thought was to create an organization to support the merchants and facilitate a memorable experience for all their visitors. Fast forward to today, where the area known as the Italian Market on East Passayunk Avenue continues to thrive along with the support of the South 9th Street Businessmen’s Association.

This is not the only organization that supports it now, though. With the…

Matt Esposito

Consumer Research & Strategy

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